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Cambridge is an international school for qualifications of english students and teachers but the lack of communication was delaying their selling of services and that's why a research was requested to show the main points and the big differentials in the market.

After analyzing the pain points and the possibilities we can get, we suggest the production of a Landing Pages with focus on conversion. Through CTA (Call to Action) we take the user to another page where the objetive is to sell. In addition to creating posts for Facebook and a Corporate Presentation Template.

The briefing

Develop a planning strategic with a focus on conversions, followed by a creative line that allows "to boost" the services and advantages to the client.

10 days for brand study, target audience and market
15 days for planning and strategy definition
10 days to present a new creative line


Going through various phases of framing and wireframes, the creation and architecture teams have been improving the versions until they have defined the most appropriate and coherent architecture to value the project and create a new navigation experience that evidences the services offered by Cambridge.

After this definition of usability, we set out to develop the project.

The Challenge

The planning of actions and content that will be transmitted aims to improve the brand, so that it gains better visibility. For this to happen, a work is developed focused on the relationship between company and client, through specialized content, in a way directed to meet the demands with the public.

Creation goals should also be directly linked to the communication objectives defined in the briefing. And then the "runs" are developed according to the size, segment of activity and culture of the company.

The Role

I was responsible to supervise the whole design content and worked alongside a junior designer, a researcher and another three programmers.

The Process

We used this process to guide our team in our research and design decisions.

Strategy and Process

The layout development took place in stages, until we could deliver the whole concept of the project.

The creation process involved some approval phases, both within the team and in meetings with the client. At that stage, we had some important definitions to implement and improvements in everything that was being created.


We focused on a landing page with a very "clean" style so the user can locate and navigate easily all the time. The page structure is so important as the visual elements and they were one of the most changed things in conversion tests.

Visual resources:
The visuals are very important because it is through the visual resources that we attract attention of the visitors in the landing page. We used texts and/or images to reforce the idea for users.

As a landing page should be quick and objective, it is important to expose the differentials in a simple and easy way for understanding. This is why we used uppercase texts followed by images that relate to information.

Call for Action:
The CTA will assist in conversion by bringing the user further into the conversion funnel. An excellent feature is the use of CTA within a button, it makes more sense which way the user have to follow.

Hi-Fi Prototyping

Landing Pages: Check out the developed content.

Main Page

+ Expanded for details

For Teachers

+ Expanded for details

For Parents

+ Expanded for details

Facebook Campaign

After the success of the action plan a Facebook campaign was ordered by Cambridge's office.

Corporate Presentation Template

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