Game Gears

The "Game Gears" is a new brand in the market on the way to consolidate it's name, our job involves to arouse certain feelings and create the first links with the public target, therefore to define what the brand represents and with whom it's related and then we face concepts such as:

"Being a brand new":
First step is to build the pillars of communication according to the desired positioning.

"Starting with credibility":
Fundamental to have a positive perception by the current consumers.

Our focus

The architecture of the Game Gears online shop is focused on achieving greater sales conversion, in this way we design its structure focusing on the usability of the user, simplifying to the maximum the process of research and choice of product to facilitate the conversion and reach a level of excellence in the Experience.


The principle goal is to keep the focus on the conversion of purchases,
for this case we determined:

- Google Adwords
- Youtube ads (If there is a video involved)
- Bloggers and Vloggers (Gamers and Technology)
- Merchandising

The concept behind Game Gears aims to present a new platform for ecommerce for the users with the presentation of games of different styles which can be personalized anytime by the user's desire.

The Challenge

Once we get the right message between the brand and the public target, the Game Gears's content should be interesting and exciting for the new costumers.

With a casual tone we should declare and justify why Game Gears is a better platform for gamers with affordable prices and also including some game plays recorded and divulged by game vloggers, we strongly believe their opinion and their testimony about the quality of the product builds the best "pillar of credibility".

The Role

I led the visual design and collaborated with a team of four people on the design, research and development. In addition, I worked alongside a Researcher, Content Strategist and two Programmers.

The Process

We used this process to guide our team in our research and design decisions.

The Logo

A stimulating brand with credibility which announces
freedom, independence and originality.

We want every gamer to understand that the brand offers ready-made platforms for all generations of games, ready to deliver the most of any game and at an affordable price.

We want new gamers to trust in the quality of the product and approved and used by market's opinion makers and at the same time we do not want them to be intimidated by technical communication that runs away from their knowledge to avoid insecurity.

Freedom, independence and originality:
We want experienced gamers to understand that the brand works with known products and that they can set up their platform with complete freedom to have a personalized gaming experience, and above all of that, a fair price.


Identify problem areas:
A number of research techniques were needed. Before embarking in comparison with other organizations, it's essential to know the function and processes of the organization.

However we developt implementation plans that include identification of pros and cons to sell the ideas to the company for the purpose of gaining extra value from the process.

Design structure:
Everyone makes things differently

Game's filter, the filter consists of checkboxes defined by the genres of games chosen by the visitor each option represented with a thumb-nail.

With images of games that represent this category such as
Action, Strategy, Adventure, RPG/MMORPG, Sports, Simulation.

When selecting the types of games you want to play, the site offers some options in three different categories: Minimum requirements, recommended requirements and high settings. The suggestions button is expanded to show you how to complete the suggested computer information by mouseover.

After some design decisions along with the client we decided some new creative lines to follow.

Hi-Fi Prototyping

Design decisions:
We faced some issues with the banner in order to find the best way to the purchase itself and the banner had to be the "key" for customers to feel safe in the webstore. In the end, first piece was chosen in regards to this.

The first purpose of the website is in a very few clicks you can make a decision about the best options for your purchase.

Analysing page by page: Home

Bar with welcome information and links to register / login or shopping cart;

Search field;

Banner with multiple game choices to get the results according to the user's interests in playing a game in specific;

Frame with three results of products obtained with the user's choices for the main banner;

On the footer contains quick information to the user such as a brief description of Game Gears, the site map, registration for newsletter, links to social media and forms of payment.


The layout developed for an internal page developed following the same pattern of the home, preserving a page with it's unique properties

Preservation integrates the top;

Double bar:
First, with the options obtained in the home by the game filter
Second, the "bread's path" made by the user to this page;

Description of the product containing information such as computer name, type of games selected for this machine and tags that surrounds it, links to attach to social media, price and technical information that the user can change according to their needs;

Related products that can be added to the computer such as the cabinet format;

Integrated preservation of the footer.

Shopping Cart:

This page seeks to finalize the purchase selected:

This table containing the basic information of the chosen product, such as price and the quantity desired;

At the bottom, the button to continue to insertion of data to finalize the purchase;

Field to attach product comments or questions about it;

Field to calculating freight.

Creating your purchase order:

This screen seeks to finalize the request of the customer through the insertion of contact data and forms of payment.

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