POLICABOS - Technical Solutions of Conductors S.A.
Is an importer/ exporter and stockholder of electrical cables, optical, connectors and accessories, machine tools for technical application in the area of cable installations.

Since it's founding twenty years ago, a POLICABOS S.A. has been growing in a sustained and safe manner. The numbers prove it, but also a satisfaction of customers with a quality of the products and the projects provided.

About the job

Developing a new creative line for the interface design in HTML5 and CSS3 in addition to the critical versions for tablets and smartphones to enrich the brand and the company to reach new clients overseas.


15 days to study the brand and submit a proposal;
15 days for creative line and first layout prototype;
15 days for creating up to 70 desktop screens;
15 days for tablet screen adaptations;
15 days for screen adaptations for smartphones;
30 days for programming in HTML5 and CSS3.

The Challenge

How is the best way to navigate on the website?
The team has developed a complete usability project, focusing on an excellent user browsing experience. We started an idea by studying several options of information architecture, until we defined a model to be followed. After the definition of usability, we started the firsts concepts for the website's identity.

The Role

I personally conducted this job as the lead designer with another five people in the team.
My goal was to conduct all the insights and wireframes to an interface design very insightful, intelligent and elegant.

The Process

The development of the layout took a few days until the final concept of the site with all the pages. It was a long process of studying, diagramming, arranging informations and selecting images.

The Wireframe

+ Lo-Fi Prototyping/ Validation

In addition

It's a project completely manageable by the client, through an exclusive panel. The administrator can update the images and informations of the site, bringing dynamism and audience to it.

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